Apple store offers 10 free apps for iPhone and iPad. Time duration for the free package is not specified

as the offer can last for a day, a week or it can end now. The apps offered by Apple store for free with

original prices are: Backup Pro (US$2.99), Week Calendar Pro (US$ 1.99), Piku Piku (US$ 1.99), Snap

viewer (US$ 0.99), Smart Alarm Clock (US$ 1.99), Budget and Expenses Tracking (US$ 2.99), Cloud

Keeper (US$ 0.99), Magical Beasts (US$ 0.99), Tones (US$ 0.99), Map Location (US$ 1.99).

These Apps can be downloaded from Apple app store itunes for free. Apple consumers who have

purchased their iPhone or iPad on or after September 1, 2013 can also enjoy free Apps like Pages,

Numbers, Key Note, iTunes U, iMovie, GarageBand. These apps are also free if you purchase 32 GB or

larger Apple device with iOS 10 or later.

Apple offer numerous other discounts for their consumers of different categories. The Student Beans

Apple Store of Education offer 15 percent discount on Mac and 4 percent discount of iPad. With this

discount, a student can save up to 200 US$ on new Mac and US$ 20 on iPad.

Retailmenot reported that the student plus faculty package also include free shipping incentive. 15%

discount of Apple certified refurbished Watch including free shipping, up to 19% discount on selected

refurbished Macs plus free shipping, up to 15% on iPad refurbished phones and free shipping for all

online purchases of all products.

All the refurbished Apple products are discounted from 10% to 20% and even more. An Apple promo on

the Apple offered more packages on select Apple products for 2016. Apple partners participate in Black

Friday, New Year and Christmas offers. Apple also launch seasonal packages for countries like India, UK

and Canada.

Besides above packages, Apple Store offers a variety of other popular free apps for iOS and Apple

devices. The free available apps are Bitmoji, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Maps, Gmail, Uber, Sound

Cloud, Letgo, Wish Shopping, Yelp, Lefty, Layout, Calorie, Fitbit, Remind f