Social media has been reshaping the world of communication, business, e-commerce and even human attitude as whole. Social media offer comprehensive, time efficient, cost efficient, standard, real-time and organized solutions to all your requirements.


You don’t have to access different communication platforms. All the video, audio and file sharing facilities and date transfers are available at your finger tips. Social media platforms offer vast opportunities of education, advertisement, counseling, medical transcription, legal advisories, engineering solutions, business promotion and even all aspects of life with everything you need any time.
Twitter is one of these social media platforms. Twitter is the largest social media giant after Facebook. According to a carful survey in 2016, twitter users have crossed the 320 million figure. Twitter allows its followers to read, submit, share, save and restore data. Twitter live streaming has made significant achievements for the micro blogging site in the recent weeks. A post comprising of 140 characters can be shared on twitter.
Marketing with twitter
With more than 320 million active twitter followers, twitter can take your ideas, business, offers, demands, news, promotions, advisories and services to millions of people at just a single click. Twitter marketing has become a reliable, reachable, fast, popular and ever growing source of reaching the target audience. To promote your business and share your ideas effectively to millions of followers around the world on twitter is as less a science but more an art. Here we share some effective, time tested and expertly designed ideas for the effective and optimal use of twitter for the best results.
  1. Profile and effective introduction
Your customers don’t have time to read your stories. You have only 5 to 9 seconds and very few words to convince your viewers. Your profile, introduction, images, statistics and achievements need to be communicated with your potential customers in a systematic manner. So deeply make your introduction interesting, eye catching and convincing professionally.
  1. SEO tools and tactics
Try to update yourself regarding the latest trends in the world of search engines and follow them effectively. Don’t miss to take SEO tools into account. Comprehensive reach out plans will ensure the achievement of your goals.
  1. Audience management
Prioritize, classify and organize the list of your target audience especially on twitter. Choose your target area that the best suits your business plans and design your advertisement scheme accordingly. Categorize when and how to propagate the right things. You have to be a good manager of your own information.
  1. Plan your campaign comprehensively
Try to research the language, tone, culture, religion, sensitivities and trends of the target audience. This practice will inspire your target audience in the very first glance. Talking to them in their own language and tone will definitely attract their attention.
  1. Make your campaign attractive
Use friendly, inspiring, convincing words and a confident language. Try to offer incentives in the form of services, goods, quality, quantity or durability. In the ever growing competitive market, only the fittest can survive. Keeping yourself updated and aware is the best fitness.
  1. Expand your reach
Try to expand you reach by inviting more followers. For the first phase, you have to offer most of your goods and services most competitively. Your audience will automatically turn to you once they see something different, something new, something attractive, something admiring. This aspect of social media or twitter marketing is the most successful and effective.
  1. Tweet consistently and regularly
Your presence and activeness counts everywhere even on the social media. To reach most of the twitter followers, remain present. Keep tweeting regularly. Don’t miss any opportunity to advertise your product or aim. On every occasion, try to coordinate your products with every social, cultural or even official event. Represent yourself with consistent and continuous tweeting on regular basis.
  1. Use your circle and followers
Don’t hesitate to include an invitation with your tweets. Invite your friends and followers to share and promote your products and services. Let them promote your business with your impressive campaign.
  1. You must be responsive and Customer friendly
It is said that give respect, have respect. Always remain alert to consumer communications. If they tweet or call on your phone, make your swift and timely response your second habit. Real time response will make reasonable people convinced.
  1. Contacts
Never hesitate to get help from your expert, loyal and dynamic friends. Make your contacts organized and reachable.