Google Chrome Offers Immersive Web Browsing With VR Support

Google has announced recently that Google Chrome is updated to Virtual Reality (VR) capability on all

Daydream ready devices. Google Chrome now provides an in indigenous VR platform to all the surfers

who are browsing on Google Chrome.

You have to visit a VR compatible website, hook your VR device and enjoy advanced VR features with.

Smartphone and tablet users can enjoy VR features with Google Chrome with finger touch while PC and

laptop users can experience VR fun with the help of mouse and keyboard.

VR browsing with Google Chrome is much improved and better than normal browsing. VR ready

browsing needs smooth graphics, ultra-high resolution and fidelity sensors with sensitive head tracking.

Google Chrome has been leading the race of best web browser for the last few years. Google Chrome is

the best browser used on all platforms including Windows, Android, iOS devices.

According to Digital Trends, Google had promised back in 2014 for the VR ready features in Google

Chrome. Running VR applications on a web browser is immersive experience. Running and hosting VR

experience directly from browser will revolutionize VR dependent functions.

All the major browsers like Microsoft internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox are all onboard to VR ready

features. With over 1 Billion active users worldwide, Google Chrome has to update compatibility with

modern trends and consumer demands.

ET Telecom revealed that Chrome’s forthcoming update for Android devices including smartphone will

be made VR ready and compatible to Daydream devices. This new update will enable users to enjoy 3D

content on the online platforms like Matterport.

Currently, Google Chrome VR ready browser is available in selected countries but will be expanded to all

users gradually. There are very limited smartphone variety available with Daydream compatibility

including Google Pixel, ZTE Axon 7 and Moto Z. Google Chrome with VR update will still remain a dream

for smartphones without Daydream and VR compatibility.

It can be expected in future that next generation smartphone will enable consumers with Daydream and

VR technology. Google Chrome will provide alternative options for VR users with flexibility and upgraded