Battery life is a problem not only for smart phone users but manufacturers also struggling to seize markets

with considerable extension to Mobile phone’s battery life. Mobile phone consume charge mostly through

scanning for Wifi, gprs/3G/4G/, blue tooth, GPRS and other signals. Next is the data traffic that consume

charge the most. Secondary liabilities to charge are videos, screen resolution, live streaming etc.

If you are planning to buy a new smart phone then wait for the release of smart phones with Qualcomm’s

new snapdragon 835 chip. Replacing the Qualcomm’s snapdragon 821 chip, the new snapdragon 835 is

claimed to more reliable in battery life and armed with improved VR (Virtual Reality) head set.

The new chip snapdragon 835 specializes in graphics, gaming, virtual reality and next 5th generation data

services. Qualcomm dominates the smart phones market powering most of the established brands

worldwide. thenextweb quoted a leaked blog post of by Evan Blass as saying that a multiday fast charging

Qualcomm chip is about to power the smart phones. It is also claimed that the chip will charge a battery in just 4 minutes.

The chip is said to be coupled with Snapdragon X16 LTE modem which will boost the speed of

downloading up to 10 times than the present setup. The powerful new chip is smaller in size which will

allow the smart phone manufacturers to develop slimmer, smarter and more powerful smart phones with

improved graphics, data speed and connectivity. On VR aspect, Qulcomm’s Kryo 280 CPU, Aderno 540 GPU and Hexagon DSP are expected to improve and fasten graphic speeds by 25 percent.

techcrucnh reported that the Qualcomm 835 chip is designed with manufacturing partner Samsung which

is 35 percent smaller than predecessor snapdragon 820 line. Qualcomm claimed that battery life will be

extended by 2.5 hours due to decrease in 25 percent of battery consumption.

Qualcomm features and qualities promote the expectations of better graphics, VR and AR, gaming,

battery life and of course data speed and connectivity. Consumers are awaiting for more updates on the Qualcomm Snapfragon 835 equipped smartphones.