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*FULL TAKE* The Samsung Studio At SXSW 2016 – Day 1 on March 11, 2016 in Austin, Texas.

The South Korean Smartphone manufacturer and world’s leading electronics leader Samsung is all set to launch its latest flagship of the Galaxy series, the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S8. Galaxy S8 was expected and densely rumored for a number of innovations and edging upgrades.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to have virtual technology. The VR ready Galaxy S8 is being introduced after the shocking withdrawal of Galaxy Note 7. Note 7 damaged the sale, revenue and credibility of Samsung products due surprising and sudden problems in the battery of Note 7. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be officially launched on April 21 this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will also be presented without a home button and it will be adjusted as home button icon. The new Galaxy S8 will be a VR enabled, latest smartphone. Battery of the Galaxy S8 is improved and enhanced. The Samsung Electronics is in trouble in Korea due to severe corruption charges. Samsung Electronics is facing a legal action which is linked to the impeachment and removal of the South Korean first female president.

The new latest Galaxy S8 is coming with display features that are developed with latest technology. This display is called “Infinity Display”. This technology will help accommodate smartphones with screens size from 5.8 inches to 6.2 inches size.

The new Galaxy S8 is equipped with Bixby Digital assistant. The voice command assistance system is indigenously developed by Samsung which was unveiled last month. The Bixby Digital assistant is similar to the Appl’s Siri voice command and recognition system. The Dex system can transform a smartphone into a desktop computer. This technology is now available in Galaxy S8.

Samsung suffered a loss of US dollars 5 billion due faulty batteries of Galaxy S8. This time Samsung has microscopically checked and developed the new Galaxy S8 including its batteries. The new mechanism of double checking the quality of batteries through X-rays has been introduced.