The concept is one among many those dreaming to provide a comfortable residence to the inhabitants of space. Clouds architecture office has presented a novel and innovative construction design to be installed in the space. The proposed skyscraper will be shipped to space in parts and then fixed to shape a skyscraper. The concept evolves around the weightlessness in the upper atmospheric parameters.

The concept is called “Analemma Tower” and is planned to be attached to an actual asteroid in the space. The building will be suspended just above the ground. According to experts, this concept is both scientifically and practically possible.

The building will need high strength cables for suspension and support its weight. Suspended from an asteroid in eccentric geosynchronous orbit, the building will continuously move around and the visitors will have a different experience each time. Nasa will send a mission in the near future to look for the most feasible and nearest asteroids.

Analemma tower is designed by Ostap Rudakevych. Ostap told CNN that the building could be made of lighter and durable material. The available options for the construction of Analemma tower could be carbon fibers and Aluminium.

To achieve the required cable strength, advances in the cable engineering will be needed in the nearest future. The Analemma skyscraper will be energized by solar panels with constant exposure to the sun rays.

Water requirements for the Analemma tower will be abstracted from clouds. Rainwater will also be stored for this purpose. This water will then be stored in a semi-closed loop system.

The Height of the Analemma tower is estimated at 320000 meters with a speed of 300mph. At this speed, the skyscraper will travel/rotate through the skies. Living and communication at Analemma tower is still a question but the designer said that big passenger drones will be deployed to travel and transport residents back and forth to the tower.