Except for very few but very risky benefits, drinking is injurious to health. Wine affects your health both directly and indirectly. With the passage of time, Alcohol equally damages your lungs, liver and digestive as well as the respiratory system. Here we find few serious repercussions for drinkers which they must take into account.

Your sleeping habits are almost destroyed. waking till late nights and sleeping till late day will disturb your routines and you do not remain an active and normal person. This way, your economy and businesses suffer along with family matters.

Alcohol badly affects your digestive system. A stage comes after excessive drinking when your stomach becomes totally dependant on Alcohol. Wine is extremely dangerous for your concentration and positive thinking. Alcohol accelerates the functions of your organs against their capacity. These organs include heart beat, blood pressure, liver, kidneys and stomach. Working above the natural capacity, these organs finally fell sedative.

In most of the kidney problems, 90 percent cases involve excessive drinking habits. A majority of liver patients are excessive drinkers. Drinking can be avoided with healthy habits, exercise, rehabilitation and determination.