The Chinese technology giant has won a legal war against the Korean rival Samsung in a Chinses court. Huawei filed a suit complaining therein that the Samsung has installed its technologies in its smartphones thus violating the patent laws and copyright laws.

The Quan Zhou legal court issued a detailed verdict with imposing a fine of USD 116 million. This is not the first time that Samsung and Huawei have confronted each other in the courts for different claims. Immediately after the court verdict, a bad news was waiting for Huawei. British Government announced to ban the Huawei products in the country due to certain reasons.

Last year Huawei filed this suit against Samsung for acting against the patent laws. Huawei claimed about the installation of a product that was already patented to the name of Huawei. According to Huawei, Samsung was using its technology in more than 20 of its smartphones and tablets without legal formalities or prior permission.

Last July, Samsung filed almost six similar suits against Huawei for patent violations. BBC quoted the spokesman of Samsung as saying that Samsung accepts the court decision. The spokesman stated that Samsung had tried to solve the issue through arbitration before the legal process.

Legal battles over patent issues is a usual business between the big electronics companies. Apple and Samsung remained in the news for years due to their court engagements.  head of EIP Legal Team while commented on the decision said that the decision is appreciable and in accordance with the law. He stated that the case was filed on the basis of facts and figures and after due preparation.

Penalties and fines imposed in such kind of cases are usually paid straight away to the winning party. Samsung also won a patent case against Apple a few years ago with winning the claimed amount.