The fight against ISIS in Mousel and elsewhere in Syria, Libya and Nigeria deeply focused on eliminating this imminent threat. For the time being, breaking news and stories are coming from the front lines of Mousel in Iraq. The famous Golden division of the Iraqi Army, Shia militia, Sunni fighters, Kurdish forces and fighters from Iran have made considerable advances in the only remaining stronghold of the ISIS in Iraq.

ISIS is now controlling only 7 percent of the Iraqi territory as compared to 2014 blitz Craig. The Independent quoted Brig. General Yahya Rasool as saying that the ISIS is now controlling only 30,000 sq. km of the Iraqi territory as compared to 40 percent it owned in 2014. Gen. Rasool is a spokesman for the Iraqi military command in Mosul.

According to news reports, ISIS is currently under immense pressure both in Syria and Iraq from the Iraqi-backed forces and militias. In Syria, ISIS is fighting the Sunni groups loyal to Al-qaida, Kurdish militia, Syrian forces, US-backed forces, Turkish-backed Turkmen fighters, Hezbollah and other opposition forces. Militarily, the opening of multiple fronts at the same time with mostly superior powers is nothing but a suicide. ISIS fighters are mostly relying on their suicide bombers but with the passage of time, their tactics are studied and counter-measured by the allied forces.

For the time being Mosul operation is progressing slowly but steadily. ISIS fighters have been offering stiff resistance. Eastern Mosul has been declared as liberated after months of fierce and tireless clashes backed by US air support and advisory guidelines. While dealing with the technically planted bobby traps, Iraqi forces are advancing carefully and steadily. At the same time, there are reports that Iraqi forces and Shia militia have been involved in the looting of Sunni houses, torturing of innocent children and women. There are reports that Shia militia is also involved in extra-judicial executions of the Sunni youth.

These reports need to be investigated thoroughly and honestly. The Sunni population, already a sandwich between ISIS and Iraqi forces, will have no way but to take arms against the Iraqi forces. If these militias are not brought to justice, all the sacrifices will remain a question.

According to Middle Est monitor, men from the Shia militia called the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) are executing unarmed Sunni young men in the streets with the support of the Iraqi army. A video available at the above-mentioned link shows the streets of eastern Mosul where PMF fighters and Iraqi army are filmed while executing unarmed Sunni Muslims.

These kinds of war crimes can reverse the whole of the war theater earned after thousands of sacrifices. All the time and resources invested in this operation can go in vein if these crimes are not controlled and criminals not brought to justice.