Saadat Amin, a child pornographer arrested by Pakistani LEA.

In Sargodha city of the Panjab province of Pakistan, Police arrested an information technology graduate and expert hacker on charges of illegally collecting and then selling out child porn videos. According to The Nation, the pornographer was in contacts with his Norwegian counterpart James Lindstrom. Saadat Amin, a Pakistani citizen was exposed by the Norwegian embassy in Pakistan after James revealed his name in the investigations.

James disclosed to the Norwegian authorities that Saadat Amin supplied the porn content on payment. Saadat Amin is an expert hacker. He was apprehended by the authorities of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The suspect revealed during the initial investigation that he hacked a Bangladeshi and a Russian website to snatch paid porn videos od children and then further supply them to James in Norway.

Saadat said that he earned from 100 to 200 Euros from a single video which equals to 15000 to 20000 in Pakistani rupees. The cyber crime cell of the FIA raided the residence of Saadat Amin and arrested him along with his personal computer. According to reports, all the illegal and criminal content was found on the computer. It was also revealed that Saadat was running a computer academy and used his students for porn videos under pressure or incentives.

The suspect was shifted for further investigation. An assistant director of the FIA and investigative officer Asif Iqbal told BBC that some the local children were also filmed by the suspect. Saadat sold these porn videos to his clients in Norway and Sweden. According to the officials, Saadat first met James during an online contact. James motivated Saadat to use his skills for stealing porn videos and then sell to him. Saadat is doing this illegal practice in 2007. He used telegram to transfer the videos to his clients in Norway. His financial links will be investigated and his assets will be checked thoroughly.

Saadat received his money through western union. Saadat will also be interrogated for his other links and partners inside Pakistan. In a religious society, such practices are considered as the lowest level of insane and shameful behavior which is regretted and condemned without any delay.