12340949833_d81145fce5_cThe Syrian revolt was a subsequent prescription of the Arab spring in 2011. In the beginning, the matter was sensed as internal Syrian conflict. With the Russian intervention in 2015, the Syrian revolution was measured with a complete threat to the international security. Currently, the world is clearly divided into two main blocks. Pro and anti Assad powers. Russia, Iran, China, Iraq and Lebanon are supporting the Assad regime while the rest of the world including all the major Middle eastern powers such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Oman and Kuwait are supporting the anti-Assad forces.

Anti-Assad alliance is backed by the European countries, the USA, Australia, Canada, African powers and most importantly Turkey. Russian military contribution saved the Assad regime from a desperate defeat in 2016. Rebels had occupied all the major cities like Raqqa, Halb, Idlib and suburbs of Damascus. Assad regime was controlling only Shia dominated areas, central parts of the Capital and portlands. After months of fierce aerial bombing, rebels started pulling back from major cities.

The Saudi-led coalition started pounding Shia rebels in Yemen. Now rebels have lost all the major cities including Halb. Saudi-led alliance provides arms and other items to the Sunni rebels in Syria. Turkey is supporting the Turkmen fighters. The Kurdish militia PKK is also backing the Assad regime.

Syrian conflict has become a rocket science in the real sense. Kurdish Sunnis are fighting in favor of Shia Assad while at the same time, these Kurds are fighting with the ISIS and Turkish-backed Turkmen rebels. Sunnis are more than a dozen groups. ISIS is also a Sunni outfit with a radical interpretation of Wahabi school of thought. ISIS is fighting the Syrian government, the Iraqi government, US, Russia, Saudi-led alliance and even the whole world.

Jubha-tu-Nusra, an Al-Qaida affiliate rebel faction is from the same Wahabi side but they have fought one of the bloodiest battles against the ISIS. Ansar-u-Sham is yet another radical rebel faction powerful enough to influence the battlefields against the Syrian army. The Syrian brigades, Khalid bin Waleed army, Fath-u-Sham and many other rebel factions are internally at odds with each other including the US-backed free Syrian army units.

Currently, after the heavy Russian support both with men and sophisticated supplies, the Syrian army has regained its ground it lost to the rebels in the 2013 and 2014. Turkey and Russia are working to find an acceptable solution to the Syrian conflict. All the rebel factions are pressing hard for the removal of Assad from power. The Assad regime has categorically rejected all such demands from all the world. Next phase of peace talks will be held in the near future under the joint supervision of Russia and Turkey.