China-North Korea relations



The land attack capable cruise missiles and strategic bombers of the People’s Liberation Army are put on high alert.  These bombers are capable of carrying cruise missiles. According to CNN, China wants to prepare for the worst scenario in the context of US-North Korea confrontation.

North Korea State run media has threatened a merciless preemptive strike that will change the US mainland into ashes. Chinese president Shi Jen-Ping approved the ban on import of North Korean coal and Chinese flights to North Korea. China also favored a tougher United Nations Security Council resolution. The North Korean provocative missile tests are openly condemned through this resolution.

Chinese authorities have launched an emergency maintenance program for their military equipment and ensured the readiness of most of their war machine. Recently, the multiple North Korean missile tests have deteriorated the already tensed situation. Military analysts say that although the US has a superior fire power but the North Korean army is capable of inflicting enough damage on the US army and interests if it goes to war.

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China has categorically opposed the US presence in the South Korea time and again. The US president Donald Trump recently invited the Chinese role in the solution of the long-standing Korean conflict. China and North Korea are engaged in deep economic ties and relations. China and Russia supported the communist regime in 1952 Korean with men and arms. It was the Russian and Chinese support that the communist regime survived against the UN-backed allied invasion of the Korean peninsula.

The American officials are of the view that China is not going to press North Korea militarily. 85% of the North Korean trade and hence, their economy is dependent on Chinese markets. Most of the military developments in the Korean army are achieved with the Chinese technology and expertise. China has shown willingness to adopt tougher approach towards North Korea but still, the solution is far from the diplomatic radars.