Mastercard has successfully tested the new fingerprint technology in their Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). The credit card provider successfully tested its latest technology. Mastercard ATMs are the most used and popular in the world. E-commerce and digital transactions need more and updated security. Plastic money has been increasingly making its presence in the new markets, especially in the developing countries.

Fingerprint enabled ATMs can only be used with a fingerprint verification. According to cyber security experts, fingerprint verification is not a reliable security option but in the case of pin-fingerprint dual security option, it will work promptly. Fingerprint snatching requires a transparent plastic or glass which will be marked with the finger. The fingerprint scanner can be dodged with a transparent material marked with the required fingerprint.


Biometric security is new and still under development with many new features. Eyeball scanning is another novel option which works in the uniqueness of human eyeball features. Other biometric security features include voice recognition and fingerprint options.