Aircraft carrier

China launched its first indigenously constructed aircraft carrier today on April 26, 2017. China introduced Liaoning after purchasing it from Ukraine and rebuilding in China with local resources. China’s move is seen as a critical and clear message to the United States in wake of North Korean-US standoff. China has become the 5th nation to indigenously design, develop and operate an aircraft carrier. Aircraft carriers are locally designed, developed and operate by the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia and now China. Another operational aircraft carrier is being used by the Indian Navy but it is manufactured in Russia and India has acquired it under a lease agreement.

China has developed its military up to a decisive level in the recent past. From sophisticated and effective air defense system to the high-tech stealth bombers, China has now everything in its arsenal. Chinese leaders know what the war is and they know how to avoid it. China is peacefully but aggressively pursuing its ambitions with the backup of a fully prepared and compatible military power.


The Chinese military has the full backup of a stable and strong economy on its credit. According to BBC, the new aircraft carrier will become fully operational until 2020. The aircraft carrier will be able to accommodate 40 jet fighter mostly the Chinese copies of Mig 27, Mig 29 and Su30.

China has aggressively defended its claim over the South China Sea against many influential world powers like the United States, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and other regional rivals like the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei and Thailand. In the recent tensions between the US and North Korea, China has played a neutral role and pretend to be a mediator. China supported a US resolution condemning the recent military moves of the North Korean regime. But at the same time, Chinese and Russian support to the North Korean government is not a secret.

Harboring a gigantic aircraft carrier right at the critical moment of the US-North Korean dispute is a symbolic act of demonstrating full preparedness. The US government recently deployed an aircraft carrier and a fleet of nuclear submarines into the Korean waters. The United States is also conducting naval exercises with South Korean armed forces. These developments need immediate international attention. A slight mistake can spark a North Korean nuclear