Scientists have successfully tested a smartphone app to monitor sugar details in the laboratory. A combination of biosciences and technology successfully read the correct information from the sugar level from sugar-affected rats. The research published in science translation reveals that the experiment was successful in controlling the sugar level in the infected rates. Scientists suggest that this method can be helpful in many diseases.

The Chinese scientists hope that this novel technique could pave the way for a new era in the history of medical science and disease control. Activated through a special light beam, the genetically modified cells are made compatible with a medicine that can address the natural insulin making process.

This novel technique is called “Optogenetics” which has been successfully used to activate the specific cells under the influence of special red light beams. Once the cells are active under the special red light beam, the relevant smartphone app starts taking the reading of the situation. This smartphone app further controls the whole process.

Scientists in The Normal University of East China were successful to implant the system in the rats and successfully controlled the Sugar through a touch screen. For all this process, scientists needed to few drops of blood in order to read the sugar level for the infusion of required medicine.


Their main aim is to develop an automatic system that can independently read the situation and act accordingly. May scientists have termed this development as revolutionary.