After the establishment of Modi’s government in India, the Indian society is swiftly drifting from its secular setup to a more fundamental and extremist, Hindu-dominated polarized country. The so-called saviors or protectors of the Cow provoked yet another bloodshed by killing two Muslim youth on suspicion of stealing the Cows. The mob tortured two young Muslims until death in the Nauugaon District of Asam province.

BBC URDU quoted a local journalist Dilip Kumar Sharma as saying that the deceased young men belong to Muslim community. He termed the situation as tense. Police quoted local sources as blaming the young Muslims for stealing the Cows from the nearby fields. When police reached the spot, the mob was beating both young Muslims with sticks. Police Superintendant Deep Raj Upadhyay told Dilip Kumar that Police rushed the injured to the nearby hospital where both the young Muslims succumbed to their injuries.


The tortured-to-killed young Muslims were identified as Abu Hanifa and Riaz-ud-din. Their ages were between 20 and 22. A few days ago, a Muslim trader was tortured-to-kill for transporting Cows. Bhartia Janata Party came to power the previous year. BJP has started radicalizing the secular laws in India which has triggered great concerns in the minorities. On April 11 this year, an Indian MPA of the Telangana province publically stated that the price of a Cow is higher than a human life.