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The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S8 has been reported for random restarts issues. Samsung tried to level the loss of trust and deficit with the new Samsung Galaxy S8. It seems that the nightmare of Samsung Galaxy Note7 still prevails and this time its shadow is taunting the whole scene. Some of the earliest users reported a reddish effect in the display of the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Launch of the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 was predicted by Trendock along with key specifications. It seems that its not over with the display problem, now random restarting has worsened the scenario. According to the users, the Samsung Galaxy S8 automatically restarts and that too randomly. Samsung tech experts are working on to fix it but till the fixation, it has damaged the sale of the Samsung flagship in a horrific manner.

On April 24, The Express Tribune reported serious problems with the latest Samsung flagship smartphone. The device also requires a pin code after every random self-restart. Samsung addressed the issue of a red screen by issuing a software update, the restarting problem still prevails. Experts suggest that this random auto restarting may be a software issue too.


Samsung has not issued any official statement or press release about the issue yet. Even with a record sale of any Samsung flagship smartphone from Samsung, these issues have raised serious questions about the quality cheques and other measures for the customer care.