I Will Not go to Pakistan! Afghan President Rejects Invitation


The refusal of Afghan President has worsened the already tense relations with Pakistan. Mr. Ashraf Ghani was officially invited by the Pakistani government to visit Pakistan in the near future. BBC quoted the vice spokes of the Afghan President Dawa Khan Minapal as saying that the President has rejected the invitation. The invitation was offered to the president by the delegation of Pakistani parliamentarians who were on an official visit to Kabul. Sources also confirmed that the chief of ISI, Lt. Gen. Navid Mukhtar also offered to the president to visit Pakistan. Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI is the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan.

The spokesman was further quoted as saying that until Pakistan doesn’t act against the Taliban inside Pakistan, Afghan president will not visit Pakistan. The Afghan government also demanded the handing over of those responsible for latest attacks in Kabul and Mazar Sharif.

The sources said that the visiting ISI chief was also informed about the involvement of militants from inside the Pakistani soil and sufficient documents were handed over to the ISI chief. In the last week, three high-ranking civil and military Pakistani officials have visited Kabul. From the recent gestures of the Afghan president, it can be predicted that Afghanistan is confident about her stance on the issues regarding infiltration.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are facing the lowest level of diplomatic relations. Afghanistan has opposed the fencing of Pak-Afghan border and continuously blame Pakistan for supporting the rebel movement of Afghan Taliban, the Haqqani network and other insurgents.

Pakistan opposes the installation of Indian consulates along the Pakistani border. Pakistan claims that the Indian intelligence agency RAW and Afghan intelligence NDS (National Directorate of Security) are cooperating with the anti-Pakistan forces. Both the countries deny the allegations and speak of friendly relations.


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