China Tests Indigenous Passenger Aircraft; Airbus & Boing Challenged

China Plan

Chinese Aviation industry has achieved a historic milestone today. The Chinese built C919 passenger aircraft is the new advancement of China in the field of science and technology. China has joined the club of passenger aircraft manufacturers with this test flight. This new development has threatened the monopoly of Boeing and Airbus for the first time.

Chinese engineers have been working hard to develop their own, indigenous passenger airplane. Chinese aircraft manufacturers have already achieved the creation of indigenously designed and manufactured cargo ship a few years ago. China has become a major share and stakeholder in the aviation industry both in the fields of military aircraft and now the passenger C919.

China is exporting military aircraft to a number of nations from around the world. The JF-17 Thunder has attracted many countries including Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Myanmar. The 2 seat version of the JF-17 Thunder called JF-17 B has just completed its first test flight. This fighter jet is a joint venture of the Chinese and Pakistani Aeronautical organizations. JF-17 is a lightweight, low cost, multi-role high-tech, all-weather military aircraft.

Jet fighters with these capabilities have higher prices and longer manufacturing periods. It is hoped that like its military aircraft, passenger aircraft will win the markets with higher quality and competitive price.


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