Martial Arts for Indian Doctors


The doctors of All India Institue of Medical Sciences (AIMS) will be trained in the self-defense tactics of martial arts. Doctors’ capabilities will be enhanced this way. They will be made compatible with multitasking scenarios. During the long hours’ surgical activities in the operation theater, doctors will be able to operate with one hand and eat with another.

Some relatives of the patients trying to go violent will be treated befittingly before the security guards arrive. This way, doctors can learn how to overcome the problematic patients with a back or round kick, lol. Doctors are busy in the courses of martial arts while poor patients are waiting for their attention. Most patients from far flung areas of India consider this hospital as their last hope.

Female patients will be struggling to deal with a doctor who is a black belt in the martial arts at the same time, especially when he checks her pulse. The present Indian government of Modi has started amazing programs. Modi announced to issue a special identity card for the cows of India. This card will be a chip based location system. This chip will be fed with all the relevant data about the cow. Her age, weight, race, size, address (if any), parentage, work experience, productivity and of course, martial status.

The last word is, please avoid to go to the clinic of black belt doctor.


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