Hackers’ Largest Crackdown! Cyberworld Locked in 70 Nations


Hackers have locked the computers of different organizations in more than 70 countries. Hackers have demanded a ransom to unlock the servers of the government and semi-government organizations. The cyber attack is coordinated and weel organized and seems to be launched by a group of decorated hackers. Hackers have demanded the ransom in the form of bitcoins amounting to 300 US dollars.

The affectees include organizations from the United States, China, Taiwan, Spain, Italy and Russia. So far, 74 nations have confirmed the ransomware in their most crucial cyber systems. The ransomware has been identified as “WannaCry”. Trendock published a detailed report on the definition, basics and techniques of digital ransom and ransomware.

According to BBC, the list of infected nations is going to be increased in the near future. Experts say that the attack is unique and the first of its kind. This is the largest attack from hackers in the known history of the internet. The scope and nature of this cyber attack is alarming. The matter is urgent and serious. Last month, Microsoft issued a one-page patch up to tackle the ransomware but the but it was not installed on most of the computers.
WannaCry has been injected into the computers through a plug and play worm called “infection”. The infected organizations include the British health department, Telefonica, Iberdrolla, and gasnatural. The screenshots of WannaCry ransomware are being propagated on Whatsapp and other social media. It has been observed that accounts related to the bitcoins have started being credited with bitcoins and it means that some of the companies have started paying the ransom to the hackers.


Ateesh Patni, a cyber security expert has claimed that even the ransomware is new but it is spreading surprisingly. This is a surprise attack from the hackers with a new and novel approach. It will take a time to counter the severe ransom operation.

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