Top 5 Smartphones with Curved Screens

Smartphones achieved new milestones with the introduction of curved screens. These curved screens are not only fashionable, fabulous and fancy but also have much more quality upgrades. Curved screens are equipped with 4k display features coupled with dust protection. Most of the curved phones are water resistant and scratch proof. Touch systems have been improved with pressure and sensitive technology. Here we have carefully selected 5 smartphones that are ranked with their curved screen features and performance prescriptions.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.jpg

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

Armed with Quad HD, super AMOLED display, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has 5.5 inch curved screen display. This curved screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is water resistant and dust proof. Curved screen of Galaxy S7 Edge is scratch proof and aesthetically designed.

Samsung Galaxy S7.jpg

2. Samsung Galaxy S7:

Samsung Galaxy S7 is also a flagship smartphone with a curved screen. Samsung Galaxy S7 has a super AMOLED, HD display features. The screen size of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is smaller than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, 5.1 inches.

LG V10.jpg

3. LG V10

LG V10 is has been updated with the extra protection of LG Motto ShatterShield. Motto ShatterShield technology guarantees the screen for cracks or shatters. LG V10 has a screen larger enough up to 5.7 inches. It has a second front camera with a wide-angle aperture.

4. Motorolla’s Droid Turbo 2:

The best feature in Motorolla Droid Turbo 2 is its battery that lasts for even two days. Motorolla Droid Turbo 2 has a curved screen of 5.4 inches. Motorolla Droid Turbo 2 is capable with fast charging technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5.jpg

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is another proud flagship production of the world’s leading smartphone brand. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a curved screen of 5.7 inches. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a curved-screen smartphone with super AMOLED, Hd technology which has unique experience in graphics and 3D images. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has won the hearts and minds of customers for its unmatched capabilities.


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