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Chinese intelligence killed or captured dozens of CIA agents from 2010 to 2012. It is till a mystery how Chinese counterintelligence succeeded in tracing the high profile CIA agents. However, CIA agents might have been traced through hacking tools or by an infiltrator from the Chinese intelligence. Sources also revealed that an American spy was shot dead in a Chinese government building. This act was a signal to all other spies working for the US government.

The New York Times quoted the serving and retired intelligence officials as saying that the killing or capturing of the CIA agents in China is the worst kind of setback for the premier US intelligence Agency. According to The New York Times, some officials blamed that serious loopholes inside the CIA have betrayed the United States. The New York Times quoted sources as saying that the Chinese hackers had infiltrated the covert system. This covert system is designed by the CIA experts to communicate with the assets and agents working in the hostile countries.

Chinese hackers hacked the details and personal information of the CIA agents and then found them through successful counterintelligence operations. At least a dozen of CIA agents were killed between 2010 and 2012. The total number of CIA agents killed or captured by the Chinese authorities is between 18 and 20 This is the largest loss to the CIA in history. The assets lost surpass the number of lost agents during the cold war against the Soviet Union and other wars.

The killing or capture of the CIA agents by the Chinese counterintelligence tells a different story. CIA has been struggling for its operations in China. Second is the fact that the Chinese officials have the capability and compatibility to successfuly counter the World’s most renouned intelligence agency. This loss also refers to the fact that CIA has been knocked out in China, at least in era mentioned for the losses.

According to the sources, some agents were recruited from deep inside the Beijing bureaucarcy. These agents were dissallusioned and fedup with chinese restrictions and liberty violations. By the year 2011, the controllers inside the CIA noticed that information coming from China has suddenly dried up. Eeach and every CIA official and Embassy staffer was scruitinized irrespective of their ranks and position. Some experts said that the ifnromation of CIA agents inside China has been leaked. Chinese hackers had infiltrated into the secret covert communications system that is end-to-end encrypted.


One of the suspect, who was believed to be behind the events, was a former agent for the Chinese desk. CIA failed to arrest him. China has been aggressively pursuing counterintelligence strategy. Recently, a high ranking FBI agent confessed to have passed sensitive infromation to China for cash and other attractions. The US government has been blaming China for stealing its sensitive military technology including stealth technology and missile systems.