Scientists have discovered the secret behind the healthy and longer lives of the rural Greek population. A genetic change that is mostly common the rural population of all the world has been discovered. This gene helps control the cholesterol and fat around the heart and maintain it to a balanced level.

The population in the northern Crat do not fall victims to Cardio-Vascular complications despite eating animal excessive animal fat. This population in northern Crat called Melo Potamis also live a rural life and love to eat Cheese and fat. The villages of Zonyana and Anogya are located on higher grounds in the islands of Crats.

A Cheese Festival is celebrated every year in these villages. Food with fat increase cholesterol in the blood stream and consequently cause heart problems. The Second type of Diabetes is as common in the people of Crats islands as in the other parts of the country but Diabetes does not cause kidney problems to the residents of these villages.


The researchers of the Well Come Trust Institute wanted to discover the same secret about the relationship between healthy heart and environmental conditions. This study also targets the relation between healthy heart and lifestyle, living conditions and healthy routines.

The healthy gene found in the people of these two high grounds is extremely important for the researchers. Three billion tissues from the DNA samples of these people were studied. And more three thousand persons were checked in the research. This research doesn’t mean that you should start eating fat until the full details of the discovery are revealed.