The Indian aviation industry is in intense need of new, reliable and enough passenger plans in order to address its growing air traffic and passenger demands. Taking care of these plans and maintenance of such a huge fleet is an alarming issue for the experts of the aviation industry. A country with a population ranging up to one and a half billion people, India could become a major aviation market if handled with genuine standards.

The US and the China are the only nations with more pending orders of aircraft. India intends to buy 2.2 new plans per 480 existing plans. China recently test-flied its indigenously manufactured passenger air plan which is considered as a major competitor to the Aribus and Boeing companies in the aviation market.

India could turn to China for cheaper dealing but the Chinese air plan is still miles away from a regular commercial launch. The second reason India will not consult China is its political factors with that world power. According to reports, an American firm is all set to sell 100 airplans to India in the coming weeks.

China Plan.jpg

There is a tough competition going on between the Boing company and its European rival the Airbus for the deal. UK is declared as the worlds third aviation market after the US and China. Experts are concerned on the purchase of such huge amount of air crafts. A large number of skilled technicians, piolets, workers and crew members will be required to handle hundreds of passenger plans.

A fleet at this scale will also need regular maintenance and quality control. India aviation will also have to deal with the massive infrastructure required for a giganitc fleet.