Russia imposed many sanctions on the Turkey after Turkish F16s destroyed a Russian fighter jet in November 2015. Russian sanctions included a ban on the traveling of the Russian citizen to Turkey, imports from Turkey and other strict measures including severe diplomatic standoff. Russia is a next door neighbor of Turkey and shares a volatile history of grat games in the region.

Before the sanctions, Turkey exported food items to Russia worth 1.1 b$. Russia has also announced to lift ban on the tourism sector, skilled workers, construction sector and hotel business. The food ban affected the Turkish exports, including fresh Turkish cucumbers, apples, pears, grapes, strawberries and chicken and turkey offal.

Turkish food

Russia has banned most of the western imports from the western countries as retaliation to the western embargos that NATO and US imposed after the Ukrain conflict. Russia has become a major power player in the world after liberating parts of Ukrain and intervention in the Syrian civil war.