F-35 Fighters’ Oxygen Issues Ground the Whole Fleet!


After consequent reports from the F-35 piolets about the oxygen deprivation issues, the authorities have decided to temporarily ground the whole fleet of F-35 jet fighters. According to sources, the Jets are expected to be operational again in a week. F-35 stealth fighter Jets are assigned to the 65th Fighter Wing at Luke Airforce Base, Arizona.

CNN  quoted the spokesman for the USAF, Capt. Mark Graff as saying that the pilots had to use their backup oxygen in order to land their Jets safely after encountering oxygen issues. Brigadier General Brook Leonard stated that for the time being, all inbound operations of F-35s have been temporarily canceled. The plan is expected to resume operations by Saturday.

The much awaited, much rumored and much propagated USAF, stealth multirole fighter Jets F-35s are the 5th generation of modern fighter Jets. The F-35 is capable of vertical landing and latest stealth capabilities. F-35 is said to be the most expensive fighter Jet in the world. The Luke Airforce Base is home to a total of 55 F-35 stealth fighter Jets. Last year, 10 F-35s were grounded due to insulation problems.

F-35 is the Pentagon’s most expensive project which has become a white elephant for the USAF. The Congress once suggested abandoning the project due to multiple revisions and over budgeting. But the advocates of the F-35 project succeeded in the survival of the F-35 by terming it the superiority of the USAF.


After being declared combat ready by the Lockheed Martin last year, F-35s have been deployed in Japan and Europe. F-35s are considered as an ultimate answer to the Russian threat in the Eastern Europe. Israel has purchased an unknown number of F-35 jet fighter. President Donald has been taking interest in the new contract for the manufacturing of the new batch of F-35s.

The same hypoxia kike symptoms were also experienced by the F-22 pilots back in 2012. The authorities have announced to have formulated a team of engineers, maintainers and aeromedical specialists to examine the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.


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