Saif al-Islam Qaddafi Released! Lybian Political Update

Saif al-Islam.jpg

Saif al-Islam Qaddafi was arrested along with his father Muammar al-Qaddafi near Sirt, Libya after their convoy was intercepted by the NATO-backed rebels. His father was tortured-to-kill by the angry rebels on the spot while Saif al-Islam was arrested in critical conditions. Western media has threatened about the increase in the instability due to the release of the second son of Qaddafi.

According to serious analysts, Libyan chaos, insurgency and ongoing massacre need an immediate political icon. ISIS successfully filled the vacuum produced due to the political unrest in this North African country. Local political figures are strictly demanding for a known and acceptable political icon which can better be filled by the former rulers.

Saif al-Islam was in the custody of Abu Bakkar al-Siddiq battalion. The release of the Saif al-Islam has been confirmed by the militia sources but his release has not been publically shown on the media. Saif has been portrayed as the favorable successor of his father Qaddafi.

According to local sources, Saif is now living with his relatives in the eastern city of Bayda. The militia sources told the media that Saif is released at the request of the interim government. Saif has also been convicted by a court in Tripoli and sentenced to death by the same court.

Some analysts term the move as a step forward to the stability and political progress in the war-torn North African country. Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi ruled Libya for more than 42 years. Despite being an unwanted figure for the United States and allies, Muammar Qaddafi led a successful development of his country.

Saif Qaddafi.jpg

Electricity, health, education and all other civic facilities were free of cost for all the citizen. There was unmatched peace during the era of Qaddafi. Institutions were working perfectly and there was no ISIS in the country at all. Qaddafi turned this desert nation into a developed and progressive nation where Africans came to seek jobs and better lifestyle.


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