Usain Bolt Retires with a Sensational Win!

Usain Bolt.jpg

The Eight times Olympic Gold Medalist, The Jamaican World Champion and world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt won a marvelous farewell race in Jamaica. The thirty-year-old Usain will retire after the world championship in London this year. He easily won a “Salute a Legend” 100 meters race at front 30,000 thousand adoring friends in Jamaica. 

BBC qouted Usain Bolt as saying the he never felt as nervous as he felt during this race. Usain completed the run in 10.03 seconds at front of the cheering, dancing and roaring fans. The world champion and world record holder in the 100 and 200 meter race returned to kiss the finishing line after he won the race.

The Usain Bolt gave an iconic style to the racing world with pointing his both hands in the cross direction. He earned the title of the fastest man on the face of the earth after he achieved a world record in the 100 meter race.

The Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the president of the Association of the International Atheletic Federation Sabstian Coe were among the spectators present in the ground. In his speech, Usain Bolt said. “It’s big to see everybody that turned out. It shows that what I’ve done for the sport is a big deal to them and they really appreciate it,” added Bolt”. “So thank you and it was my honour to put the sport of track and field at the top and to continue to dominate”.


He further said. “I’ll try my best even when I’ve hung up my spikes, to really continue to push track and field in any way possible.” One of the fruit sellers among the crowed said

“I wish Usain Bolt could run for another 40 years. He is going to be missed,” said fruit seller Carlos Morgan, who was at Bolt’s last race in Jamaica and comes from the Trelawny region where Bolt grew up.

“I don’t know what is going to happen to track and field when he retires”

“He is a blessing to not just Jamaica but track and field and the world.”


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