Indian Major Killed by Soldier who Tried to Snatch his Mobile During Duty Hours


In a recent development, a soldier of the Indian army killed his Major in the Uri area of Kashmir. Major Shekhar Tahpa observed a soldier who was using a mobile phone during duty hours and tried to take his mobile phone. The soldier resisted and in the meanwhile, the screen of the mobile phone was damaged which led to the provocation of the soldier. The soldier fired at Major Thapa with his service rifle and killed him on the spot, reported by Hindustan Times.

India has deployed about a million soldier in the Kashmir valley in order to counter the freedom movement of the Kashmiri people. Kashmir is the world’s most militarized area with worlds largest density of uniformed personnel. Kashmiris have been resisting the Indian occupation with a bloody movement in which more than hundred thousand Kashmiris have been killed.

Indian soldiers have been performing their duties in brutal conditions with longer hours of duties, lower facilities and harsh resistance. In 2016 alone, 116 Indian soldiers committed suicide. In three different cases, Indian soldiers killed their own colleagues with their service rifles this year. Amnesty International, the United Nations and other independent organizations have disclosed the human rights violations in the Indian held Kashmir time and again.

The United Nations resolutions have given the Kashmiris the right of plebiscite and self-determination which India denies and term Kashmir as its integral part. Pakistan claims that Kashmir is a left behind agenda of the partition of India and Pakistan and this must be resolved in accordance with United Nations resolutions and wishes of Kashmiri people.

The freedom movement has reached new temperatures since the killing of a freedom fighter Burhan Wani by the Indian forces. In the recent developments, India is in a deep dispute with China over a disputed area of Sikm in Arunachal Pradesh of India. 158 Indian soldiers were killed by the Chinese army in the same area, the previous day. India and Pakistan have fought three bloody wars over the Kashmir dispute.Kashmir-1


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